CSA Group is your expert source for testing & certification and standards solutions for your wiring devices and cable products including plugs, receptacles, connectors and cables for residential, commercial and special applications. No matter where you manufacture or sell your products, we can develop a program to meet the needs of your business.

CSA marks are widely recognized and accepted by safety inspectors, code officials and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), safety experts & workplace committees, leading product manufacturers, major product distributors and retailers.

Wire & Cable

CSA Group provides testing & certification services for your wire and cable products to applicable U.S. and Canadian standards. No matter where you manufacture or sell your products, our technical experts throughout North America, Europe and Asia are committed to serving you locally. The expert knowledge and experience that we have gained from years of developing wire and cable standards is applied throughout the testing & certification process. We will develop a testing & certification program that meets your business needs:

  • Appliance wiring (AWM)
  • Armoured cable (AC90, ACG90, ACWU90, ACGU90)
  • Building wire (NMD90, NMWU)
  • Communication cables (CMP, CMR, CMG, CM and CMX coaxial cables)
  • Equipment and lead wire (TEW, TEWN, SEW, CL, etc)
  • Flexible cords (SJTOW, SJOW, STOW, SOW, etc)
  • Machine tool wire (MTW)
  • Optical fiber cables (OFN, OFNH, OFNG, OFNR, etc)
  • Thermoplastic wires and cables (T90, TWN75, TWU, etc)
  • Thermoset wires and cables (RW90, RWU, SIS, etc)

Wiring Devices

CSA Group provides you with testing & certification and standards solutions for wiring devices for the North American market. Our services cover a range of products:

  • Cord sets and power supply cords
  • General use and special use receptacles, attachment plugs and connectors for plug-in devices
  • General use and special use switches
  • Lighting controls
  • Metallic and non-metallic outlet boxes

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