Host Milano 2023 – Your Gateway to Testing and Certification

As a manufacturer developing products with integrated technologies for the food service and hospitality industry, ensuring that your products meet the regulatory requirements of your target markets is critical.  An independent third-party testing and certification body such as CSA Group can help you navigate the complex nature of global regulations, helping you to get your products to market on time.

Events details: October 13 – October 17, 2023

Location: Fiera Milano, Milan, Italy

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As experts in testing, inspecting, and certifying products for these industries, CSA Group is excited to exhibit at Host Milano and to meet with gas and electrical appliance manufacturers to discuss how our services can add value to their individual needs.
Make use of the opportunity to meet with our gas and electrical appliance experts at our booth (Booth U24, Pavilion 4). You can secure a time slot beforehand and book a meeting to:

  • Discuss your individual needs with our experts in the region
  • Understand the testing and certification services required to expedite your global market access
  • Get your questions answered and the help you need to navigate the complex regulatory requirements for your target markets

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Our Specialized Testing and Certification Services for Food-Service and Hospitality Equipment and Products:

At CSA Group, we understand the unique requirements of the food service and hospitality industries. Our specialized services cater to the testing and certification needs of your equipment and products, helping you toward achieving the required certification. Explore how we can assist you in these key areas:

Electrical Safety

We provide global safety testing and certification services for small and large electrical appliances. This includes equipment for both household and professional commercial use.

Gas Safety

We can test outdoor and indoor cooking appliances, water heaters, and cooking appliances according to gas standards for CE marking and international standards. We test gas appliances with a heat inputup to 140 kW and commercial appliances up to 900 kW.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

As one the largest EMC laboratories in Europe, we can test equipment to a maximum weight of 25 tons, and a 400V/200A mains supply. CSA Group also offers on-site EMC testing should you wish to test the product at your site or at the point of installation.


CSA Group has extensive experience in testing and evaluating products with wireless components such as WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), remote control systems, UWB (Ultra-wideband), 5G, and many more.

Global Market Access

CSA Group is fully equipped to help you gain access to more than 140 markets worldwide for various product areas. We provide centralized services to help you navigate regional and international requirements.

North America Certification

North America offers significant opportunities to launch and sell your products, but the right certification mark is key to opening doors to these markets. CSA Group is a widely accredited and recognized third-party testing and certification laboratory capable of serving your market approval needs.

Environmental Simulation Testing

Our environmental simulation testing services allow us to assess the impact of environmental influences such as temperature, climatic changes, corrosive influences, water, push and pull, or vibrations on product durability.

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Event Details

October 13 – October 17, 2023