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Duration: 60 Minutes

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Manufacturers in the power tools, consumer electronics, medical devices, grid storage, and electric transportation industries are tasked with navigating the complex requirements of transporting battery products. Different global regulations, exacerbated by their periodic updates, can pose challenges to your business. With the recent updates to UN 38.3, you’ll need to prepare accordingly and demonstrate flexibility in order to remain competitive globally and retain access to key marketplaces. Our on-demand webinar on the latest UN 38.3 can help you begin that process.

Join Jody Leber, Senior Technologist, Energy Storage at CSA Group as we explain battery transportation regulations and address the:

  • Major countries with harmonized testing requirements
  • Deviations from the harmonized standard in specific countries
  • Latest updates to the 6th edition of UN 38.3
  • Eight tests for success under UN 38.3
  • Testing process at independent laboratories

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