During this discussion, our expert panelists discuss the evolution of virtual sensors, new sensing technology, and testing and certification challenges facing manufacturers who want to leverage this new technology.

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Dr. Edgar Sotter, Senior director of new product technology at CSA Group.

  • Why virtual sensors are key for Industry 4.0
  • How technology can be used to overcome roadblocks associated with virtual sensors
headshot of Anna Zelisko. Anna Zelisko, Technology consultant at CSA Group.

  • Mathematical models used in virtual sensors
  • The accuracy and reliability of virtual sensors
headshot of Rajinder Jakhu. Rajinder Jakhu, Technical Oversight Specialist, Signal Sensing.

  • Sensors used in household appliances
  • Sensors used in complex systems
Trevor Perera, Product manager for home and commercial products at CSA Group.

  • Considerations for products using virtual sensors
  • Evaluating virtual sensors in safety-critical applications

If you want to learn more about virtual sensing technology, their benefits, and the need for up-to-date standards, you can download our white paper.