Every safety-related product or system, whether it’s a burglar alarm, clothes dryer, industrial machine or a life-saving medical device, must perform safely and reliably. To help ensure they do, it is paramount that companies seek evaluation for compliance to applicable functional safety standards. CSA Group can help.

More than just functionality

CSA Group understands that companies value more than just functionality. Reliability and safety of a company’s product or system, in fact, are critical to their overall business success and the safety of their customers.

As a trusted and knowledgeable source for functional safety evaluation and certification to North American and international standards, CSA Group offers customers valued peace of mind through fast and efficient safety and evaluation services, technical guidance and training. By applying the CASS Scheme (Conformity Assessment of Safety-related Systems) for certifications, CSA Group customers benefit from transparency throughout the process, assistance with technical files, and reduced costs.

CSA Group’s evaluation

Industrial and control systems used for safety instrumented systems are both costly and complex, which can pose challenges when companies try to get these systems into the global market. Recognizing these challenges, CSA Group’s evaluation aligns with IEC 61508, the umbrella standard for functional safety of industrial electrical, electronic, programmable electronic devices (E/E/PE) and other safety-related systems. The evaluation provides methods for assessing hazards and risks, establishing necessary safety functions, and defining the appropriate Safety Integrity Level designation to reduce risk to a specified acceptable level.

In addition to the industrial sector, manufacturers of household and commercial products also require functional safety software evaluation. By leveraging a set of functional safety standards, including CSA/UL 60730-1 and CSA C22.2 No. 0.8, CSA Group’s evaluation helps to ensure the safe operation of automatic control hardware and software in products such as appliances, smart grid systems, building automation and more.

Additional details

Beyond product evaluation, companies can also seek functional safety management certification, which demonstrates a company’s overall ability to supply safety-related products and services that conform to the requirements of 61508. Partnering with the right service provider that offers evaluation, certification and well-designed training programs that cover the whole product life cycle can greatly simplify the process and help keep businesses on track.

Article Source: Frasers – Canada’s industrial search engine