As a leading authority on ATEX certification, CSA Group is actively supporting customers that are ATEX certificate holders – recognizing the uncertainty that Brexit has caused. With the recent communications from the European Commission and UK Government outlining preparation guidance for businesses, we reiterate our commitment to continuity of service for our customers.

At time of writing, the UK and EU are discussing a possible transition deal (also called an Implementation Period) that would allow the continuation of UK Notified Bodies (NBs) until December 31, 2020. During this period, it is hoped that a trade agreement will be reached that allows NBs in the UK to continue to operate as EU NBs after the period ends.

CSA Group is actively working towards establishing alternative ATEX NBs in addition to our ongoing UK operations. In the event that a trade agreement is not reached, we will provide continuity of service through these alternative NBs:

  • Application and expansion of our current NB status in mainland Europe – CSA Group’s application to expand our NB services to mainland Europe is progressing. If required, we will transfer any ATEX certificate issued by our UK NB.
  • Application to become an ATEX NB under CETA – If successful, CSA Group would be one of the first Canadian-based ATEX NBs under the CETA trade agreement (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) between Canada and the EU. If required, we will transfer any ATEX certificate issued by our UK NB.

CSA Group will continue to update our customers and support your business continuity. As one of the leading Testing & Certification agencies in the world, CSA Group will go beyond the expected to help expedite time to market for our customers’ products, while maintaining uncompromising quality.