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CSA Group to Launch Re-Designed Online Store, Offering Expanded Options for Viewing and Accessing CSA-Owned Standards

CSA Group today announced that it will be launching a new and totally re-designed online store, built on an improved, robust technology platform that will deliver a richer portfolio of options for viewing and accessing all CSA-owned standards.

More than 18 months in development, the new store is being reviewed and beta-tested by a group of selected customers with the initial phase expected to go live later this month. The online store will also be featured at CSA Group’s Annual General Meeting, taking place June 18 – 22 in Edmonton, Alberta.

To coincide with CSA Group’s 100th anniversary in 2019, the new online store will offer significant improvements for customers as it rolls out in stages over the next year, including extending the number of CSA-owned standards available through free view-access to 100 percent from the current 50 percent, as well as enhanced subscription-based access to some of CSA Group’s most popular and widely-referenced codes and standards, including the 2018 edition of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I.

This important milestone marks the latest in CSA Group’s ongoing commitment to providing accessibility to standards. More than a decade ago, CSA Group began offering approximately 415 occupational health and safety standards for free online view-access. Over the years, this portfolio has expanded to include standards for Home Inspection, Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace, Whistleblowing, Oil & Gas Pipeline Systems, and many more.

“CSA Group has maintained our commitment to public safety and social good throughout our history,” said Mary Cianchetti, President of Standards, CSA Group. “With the investments in our new online store and subscription platform, we are able to deliver on our long-held vision of providing accessibility to our complete portfolio of CSA-owned standards and codes to coincide with our 100th anniversary in 2019.”

While free online view-access on the new store will not include standards adopted from, or developed in collaboration with, other standards development organizations, it will eventually include the full portfolio of CSA-owned standards.

About CSA Group
CSA Group is one of the largest standards development organizations in North America, conducting research and developing standards for a broad range of technologies and functional areas. CSA Group is also a global provider of testing, inspection, and certification services for products in many market sectors, and a leader in safety and environmental certification for Canada and the U.S.

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