Starting your CSA Certification Project CSA Group will help streamline your access to markets around the world by providing you one-stop services for the testing & certification of your products. If you are launching a new product or selling into a new country, speak to a CSA Group representative now to start the certification process as early as you can. How to get started: Getting started is easy. There are three ways to contact us:

We may ask you to provide:

  • Contact and company information
  • Information about your product (how and where your product will be used)
  • The countries where you intend to sell your product
  • The list of all other approvals you have already received or are currently pursuing
  • The standard(s) your product has been designed to meet and standards you would like your product tested against
  • Marketing brochures or data sheets describing your product (what it is, what it does, and what it looks like)
  • Photograph of your product
  • The list of all components and materials used in the product including: manufacturers’ names, model or catalogue designations, electrical ratings and CSA Group file numbers. If components have been certified by an agency other than CSA Group, please provide the agency listing number along with part names.
  • The alternate materials or components that may be used in manufacturing
  • The schematics and/or wiring diagrams
  • The model or catalogue numbers, including any similarities or differences between models
  • The full names and addresses of all manufacturing facilities and the contact person

Once we receive this information, a CSA Group representative will contact you. CSA Group and confidentiality Your product information and intellectual property are extremely valuable assets. In all cases, CSA Group works to ensure the complete confidentiality of all information you provide. View CSA Group’s privacy statement.