CSA Group is a total solutions global provider of North American marks and can help you access the international marks you need to sell your product around the world. You can display CSA North American marks on your products with confidence, knowing that CSA marks are widely accepted and recognized by many government and code officials, regulatory and regulation bodies like the SCC and OSHA, leading retailers and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Why marks matter to your business

The CSA mark on your product demonstrates to your customers, whether they are consumers, retailers or end users, that a sample of the product has been certified to applicable standards including standards written or administered by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), CSA Group (CSA), NSF International (NSF), and other North American and global organizations.

CSA Group Marks and Labels

  • Why Certification

    Why You Need Certification Marks

    Certification marks offer peace of mind to retailers, regulators, consumers and end users the world over by indicating that your products have been independently tested and have met the required standards for safety & performance.
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  • How to Get Started

    Getting started is easy. There are three ways to contact us.
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  • Close up of North America on a globe

    North American Marks

    CSA Group will help you obtain the marks you need to sell your product into North America.
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  • Certification for Global Markets / Global Market Access

    International Marks

    CSA Group has the expertise to help you get the international certification marks you need.
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  • Green forest background in a sunny day

    Energy Efficiency Marks

    CSA Group is a leading provider of the necessary energy efficiency marks for North America.
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  • Sustainability

    Sustainability mark

    There is growing demand for environmentally friendly products by consumers and retailers. The CSA sustainability mark demonstrates that your product has met the required environmental performance standards.
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  • Who Accepts Marks

    Where you find CSA marks

    CSA marks are displayed on electrical products, gas-fired appliances, plumbing, personal protective equipment and a wide variety of other products sold around the world.
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  • View CSA Marks

    View CSA Marks

    The CSA mark indicates that a sample of the product has been certified to applicable standards.
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    CSA Group upholds the integrity of our marks by working closely with manufacturers and regulatory offices in North America and around the world.
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