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Global Certification Technical Update

October 2019

October 2019 Updates


Ukraine – Technical Regulation on Energy Labelling of Household Combined Washer Driers

Proposed date of entry into force: TBD

The State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine released the draft of the technical regulation which implemented requirements for the energy labelling and the provision of supplementary product information for household combined washer-driers.

Energy labeling will provide consumers with information on the level of energy consumption by the energy products and the essential resources, as well as additional information, enabling consumers to choose the most energy efficient products. The Draft of the Order also aims to bring the provisions of the Technical Regulation into compliance with the Commission Directive (EC) No 96/60/EC of 19 September 1996 implementing Council Directive 92/75/EEC with regard to energy labelling of household combined washer-driers.

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