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Moldova (CNFR) – Regulations and Marking Conformity Update

January 2021

January 2021 Updates


Moldova (CNFR) - Regulations and Marking Conformity Update

The conformity mark for placing on the Moldovan market of radio equipment will be the CE or SM mark. The SM mark should not be affixed to products that already bear the CE mark. Moldova will start to issue the Type-Examination certificates for radio equipments and can be used as an objective proof that the product has been assessed by the competent notified body of the Republic of Moldova and is a basis for the preparation of the declaration.

The type examination certificate is part of the technical documentation that the manufacturer or importer should possess to enter on the national market. The Moldovan certificate remains mandatory for those products that do not have the required documents.  Manufacturers of products whose conformity has already been assessed according to the European Directive and which bear the CE mark are requested to apply for the national type-examination certificate for the following reasons:

  • To have guaranteed and objective evidence that these products comply with the essential requirements of the national technical regulation
  • Archiving of the technical documentation by OC TIP (as long as required by the technical regulation)
  • Providing information on current and changing regulations
  • The certification body will support the customer in the preparation of the draft DoC
  1. Module A: Internal production control
  2. Module B & C: Type examination and conformity to type based on internal production control
  3. Module H: Conformity based on full quality assurance


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