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Indonesia (SDPPI) – New Regulation of Foreign Test Report Acceptance

November 2019

November 2019 Updates


Indonesia (SDPPI) – New Regulation of Foreign Test Report Acceptance

Effective October 15, 2019 

The Radio & Telecommunication Approval (SDPPI) extended paperwork acceptance for HKT product by issuing SDPPI regulation number 183 of 2019. Similar to the previous number 138, this regulation concerns about International Test Laboratory Recognition for HKT (Cellular Phone, Handheld Computer, and Tablet Computer).

As stated on the regulation, SDPPI decided to give recognition to 40 international laboratories. Some considerations to accept these 40 labs are:

  • The labs have the capability of performing testing on telecommunication tools and equipment based on the technical standard applied in Indonesia
  • The labs have accreditation certificate as testing lab based on ISO 17025
  • The labs are registered as member of Global Certification Forum (GCF) and/or Cellular

Telecommunication and Internet Association (CTIA)

Moreover, in order to verify validity of test report submitted, each of these 40 labs needs to appoint a contact person by providing contact person name, phone number, and email address. Whenever SDPPI needs to verify the reports, they can contact the contact person directly. Lastly, this regulation will be valid for 6 months starting from its issuance date. The expiry date of SDPPI regulation number 183 of 2019 is on April 15th, 2020.

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