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Democratic Republic Of Congo (ARPTC) – Publication Of New Decision

October 2020

October 2020 Updates

DR Congo

Democratic Republic Of Congo (ARPTC) - Publication Of New Decision

L’Autorité de Régulation de la Poste et des Télécommunications du Congo (ARPTC) published the new decision 065/ARPTC/CLG/2019 with a focus on the type approval and certification of R&TTE. The most important changes in this decision can be summarized as follows:

Labeling: All approved devices must be labelled with an irremovable label and must include the following details:

  • Approval date and approval number
  • Model name and serial number
  • Identification of the manufacturer or supplier

Validity: The validity of the type approvals are based on the classification of the device.

  • Equipment connected to telecommunications networks and radio transmitters (5 years)
  • Landline and mobile phones. Low power equipment (2 years)
  • All other radio equipment not included in the first two categories (2 years)
  • Receivers, reception decoders (2 years)
  • Antennas (5 years)
  • All other equipment not listed in categories 1-5 (2 years)

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