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Brazil (ANATEL) – Act Nº 7280 Replaces Act Nº 2220

April 2021

April 2021 Updates


Brazil (ANATEL) - Act Nº 7280 Replaces Act Nº 2220

The ANATEL Act 7280 will become effective after June 1, 2021.

The key changes are:

  1. Factories must provide ISO 9001 certificates for all type of products.
  2. Now, the new renewal cycle is two years instead of one year renewal cycle as before for phones, WWAN devices, ONT, xDSL modem, mobile phone’s batteries and chargers, power bank, etc.
  3. ANATEL will accept test reports done abroad for some type of devices, such as OLT, Data Network Equipment (Switch) installed in corporative/industrial environment, Multiplex, DWDM and others etc. Foreigner labs must be accredited by ILAC. Testing must be done within two years.
  4. Lifetime certificate’s rule is no longer exist. The new rule will be three years renewal cycle for these type of products.
  5. Some products will be acceptable to approve for Declaration of Conformity (DoC) such as connectors, broadcasting equipment, RF power amplifier for earth station, earth station modem, satellite transceiver, XDSL filter – central splitter and others.

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