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Argentina (ENACOM) – New Label Resolution

August 2020

August 2020 Updates


Argentina (ENACOM) - New Label Resolution

ENACOM has published a new label resolution for telecommunications approvals on the Official Bulletin of Argentina.

The ID will be called RAMATEL ID.

RAMATEL is the Register of Material of Telecommunications. This has been the entity record of all approved devices since CNC was created. The entity name has changed several times from CNC to AFTIC and now ENACOM. They want to implement a labeling system that remains in time regardless of the entity name is changed because of national politics.

  • All applicants have two years since today to adopt the label to these new guidelines.  Last date would be August 12, 2022.
  • The resolution includes a change for equipment installed on any vehicle. It is allowed to include the label on vehicle user manual or on-board documentation when the equipment is not visible.

The rest of general rules remain the same. New logos in Illustrator files will be available soon on ENACOM website, and they will be provided as soon as they are published.


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