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Algeria (ANF) – Automotive Products Approval

January 2021

January 2021 Updates


Algeria (ANF) - Automotive Products Approval

With the change in homologation procedure in Algeria, and the coming of ANF (National Frequencies Agency) into the process last year, all vehicle components which in the past were just granted a NoC (No Objection Certificate) or sometimes forbidden in the country for lack of regulatory basis, are now onward allowed for approval.

ANF is in charge of approving products:

  • RADAR (24GHz, 77GHz, 79GHz, UWB)
  • RECEIVERS (315MHz, 433MHz)
  • KES AND RFID (125kHz, 13,56MHz, 125kHz, 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz)

A certificate of approval valid for 3 years will be granted after an average processing time of 6 weeks with 1 normal sample required.

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