Standards Areas

  • Electrical & Gas

    Promoting electrical and gas safety in products and processes, at home and at work, including the Canadian Electrical Code.
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  • Construction and Infrastructure

    Construction & Infrastructure

    Addressing safety and quality within components, design and processes in residential and commercial construction and public infrastructure.
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  • Petroleum & Natural Gas

    Design, development and operation of pipeline infrastructure and components that contribute to safety and enhanced public confidence.
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  • Power Generation & Delivery

    Standards that address a wide range of energy generation and delivery methods, including the safe operation of CANDU nuclear power plants.
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  • Health & Safety

    Standards solutions that provide guidance for health care technology, infrastructure to support quality medical care and systems as well as comprehensive public and workplace safety standards.
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  • Environment & Business Excellence

    Standards solutions that encourage transparently incorporating environmental impacts, risk management discipline and other best practices to meet business goals.
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About Codes & Standards

Standards set benchmarks for quality, safety, sustainability, and consistency. At CSA Group, we create standards that document best practices and make the world a safer and more sustainable place.
  • 3,000+ standards & codes
  • 9,000+ volunteer members
  • 60,000 public users on CSA Communities
  • Participation in 200+ International committees

Why Standards Matter

When standards are adopted and implemented broadly, their impact can often be measured by what doesn’t happen.

Safety standards help consumers avoid injury from the products they use. Quality standards ensure buildings and infrastructure last longer and serve their users better and help industries operate efficiently while meeting their business goals. Standards promote innovation and help ensure that trade isn’t stifled by regulatory uncertainty or compatibility issues.

At CSA Group, we’re proud of the fact that our consensus-based standards, other innovative deliverables and information products have an enormous impact on safety, the environment and the global economy, and that they help encourage acceptance and adoption of innovative new technologies.

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