Helping unlock the potential of the bioeconomy

The use of biological resources and processes to produce food, feed, bio-based products, energy, and services can play a significant role in the efforts to combat climate change. Canada’s abundance of natural resources opens an unprecedented opportunity for our country to become a global leader in the bioeconomy.

CSA Group’s standards and research support advancing the bioeconomy in Canada. They provide common definitions of terms, processes, and their related outcomes. This can bring greater clarity for all bioeconomy participants and help ensure that outcomes are measured and reported in a consistent, transparent, and verifiable way. CSA Group’s standards also provide guidance and best practices, creating efficiencies and promoting innovation. Our standards solutions address areas from sustainable biomass supply chain and safety and performance of conversion technologies to bio-based products, their use, and end-of-life management, including disposal, recycling, and repurposing.

How Standards Help Canada Embrace the Bioeconomy

By processing renewable organic materials, including bio-based waste, the bioeconomy can generate bioenergy and bio-based fuels and produce new, innovative biomaterials and products. CSA Group’s solutions help set requirements and guidance across the bioeconomy landscape to help decarbonize our economy and reduce waste.

CSA Group standards solutions support an integrated approach to advancing the diverse and expanding world of the bioeconomy.

Biogas storage tanks surrounded by fields

Supporting a holistic approach to bioenergy and biofuels

A pile of wood residue with green trees in the background

Advancing sustainable biomass, bio-based materials and products