A female instructor leads a small group of adults.

An in-depth understanding on how to effectively implement relevant codes and standards enhances your knowledge and skills, while helping to make your organization safer and more productive. CSA Group offers a wide range of standards-based training programs that can help organizations achieve a variety of objectives. Our training programs are developed and, in many cases, delivered by expert instructors who have contributed to developing the standard the training is based upon. Our programs can help you and your organization:

  • Reduce risk
  • Comply with legislated standards
  • Gain insight into best practices
  • Achieve your key goals and objectives

Range of programs

CSA Group trains over 7,500 professionals each year. We offer more than 70 courses in eight program areas:

  • Electrical
  • Health Care
  • Worker and Workplace Safety
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Hazardous Locations (“HazLoc”)
  • Management Systems
  • Environment & Greenhouse Gas Management
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Operations 

CSA Group training is available in different formats. We encourage you to learn more about each.

An adult male works at home with his laptop and a coffee.

Shared learning and networking opportunities in our instructor-led, in-class workshops.

A female instructor assists an adult student with work on his laptop.

Self-paced learning with innovative online programs that combine training with virtual practice.

A group of five adult learners discuss their work at meeting table with an instructor.

Training workshops delivered at your facility focusing on the unique needs of your business.

Have CSA Group impartially validate you have the skills & knowledge required to successfully perform in demanding occupations.

CSA Group's Recognized Training Provider Program targets professional training organizations like yours to provide access to CSA Group-developed training curriculum and materials in an increasing array of subject areas.