Klassennummer Beschreibung
Drains and interceptors - Grease interceptor


Material, design and construction of manufactured grease interceptors
intended to separate and collect organic fats, oils, and greases.

Does not cover interceptors intended for rainwater, sanitary wastewater or
wastewater containing petroleum products.


CSA-B481 Series Grease Interceptors


All marking required by CSA must be permanent, legible and visible after
installation of the product. A permanent label on the cover of the interceptor
may be used. The contents consist of:

  • Submittor?s Identification
  • CSA Mark
  • Either CSA B481.1 or CSA B481.2 as applicable
  • Flow rating
  • Removal efficiency, expressed as a percentage
  • Effluent grease concentration, expressed in mg/L when tested IAW CSA
  • Grease containment capacity
  • Access cover load classification
  • Nominal inlet size
  • Mark indicating whether external flow device is required
  • In addition the inlets and outlets shall be clearly identified

Products shall be installed in Accordance with the Local Code of the
Authority Having Jurisdiction.