CSA Group UK Warns of Fraudulent Sira Certificate

CSA Group notifies members of the public of a fraudulent “QUALITY SYSTEM CERTIFICATE”, bearing the Sira trademark, that has been identified in the Czech Republic. “Sira” is a trademark registered by CSA Group’s UK subsidiary. This fraudulent Sira Certificate is produced using an original CSA Group UK (Sira) Certificate No. 115144 and has the legitimate company name blanked out. CSA Group UK has previously issued this Certificate to Claser Inc. which expired on April 7th, 2014.

Anyone receiving this Certificate is urged to contact CSA Group’s Anti-Counterfeiting team at: [email protected]. Alternatively, search our Certificate Database to check the current compliance status of a Certificate issued by Sira Certification Service.

To view an example of the Certificate .

Published On

April 28, 2016