MCERTS is the Environment Agency’s Monitoring Certification Scheme for equipment, personnel and organisations. It provides a delivery vehicle for compliance with European Directives which regulate industrial emissions, monitoring data, equipment and personnel. The scheme is built around proven International and European standards to ensure monitoring data is of a high standard.

CSA Group Testing UK Ltd is the MCERTS certification body and provides certification of equipment, personnel and inspection services. CSA Group is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) according to the ISO/IEC 17000 series of conformity assessment standards. UKAS accreditation provides confidence in the impartiality, competence and consistency of the certifications provided by CSA Group.

MCERTS promotes public confidence in monitoring data, equipment and personnel and provides a framework for choosing monitoring equipment and services that meet the Environment Agency’s specifications.

The MCERTS scheme covers a range of monitoring, sampling and inspection activities including:

  • MCERTS product certification
  • MCERTS personnel certification for manual stack emission monitoring
  • MCERTS for the self monitoring of flow

The Environment Agency

The Environment Agency was established in 1996 and is responsible for protecting and improving the environment of England. It is a “licensing authority” and issues Environmental Permits to industrial process operators which specify emission limits and monitoring requirements. It is also a “regulatory authority” with power to regulate and prosecute process operators who fail to comply with the requirements of their Environmental Permits.

For a summary of the various MCERTS schemes and/or to download the Environment Agency’s performance standards and requirements, please click here

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