An important resource for gas and propane industry workers across Canada, the CSA B149.1:20, Natural gas and propane installation code reflects the latest safety requirements and cutting-edge advances in industry technologies. Key changes to the standardā€™s scope and definitions, along with clauses consolidated from other standards, make the 2020 edition of CSA B149.1 the most comprehensive edition yet. The code has been reviewed by regulatory authorities across Canada, and is expected to be adopted into law in every Canadian province and territory.

Newest editions of CSA B149:20

CSA B149.1:20

Natural gas and propane installation code

CSA B149.2:20

Propane storage and handling code

CSA B149.3 :20

Code for the field approval of fuel burning appliances and equipment

CSA B149.1:20 & Handbook Bundle

Includes the CSA B149.1:20 & Handbook

CSA B149:20 Complete Bundle

Includes the CSA B149.1:20 & CSA B149.2:20

CSA B149:20 Complete

Includes the CSA B149.1:20, CSA B149.2:20 & Handbook

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