Why Choose Subscriptions?

CSA Group subscriptions provide flexibility to customize and use your standards and standards libraries:

  • Access current standards and their future editions
  • Create customized collections
  • Personalize your standards by adding notes and highlights.

With web, Android, and iOS compatible options, accessing your standards has never been easier. Select the subscription option that best suits your needs:

CSA AdvantageTM is a single-user digital standards subscription that allows you to access your standards on desktop and mobile devices. With the CSA AdvantageTM tools, you can create personal, job-specific files with clauses, tables, or figures from the standard for your quick reference, preview cross-references to other parts of the standard without leaving your position on the page, and much more. Learn more about CSA AdvantageTM

CSA OnDemandTM is designed for organizations with multiple standard users requiring access to 10 or more standards. With one convenient annual payment, you can access current standards and their previous editions in pdf format, build your own customized standards collections, or access our pre-built collections for the best value. Learn more about CSA OnDemandTM.

Features CSA AdvantageTM CSA On DemandTM
Access content offline Selected Selected
Keyword search Selected Selected
Create highlights Selected Selected
Create personal notes Selected Selected
Newest editions added automatically Selected Selected
Create personal files with clauses, tables, or figures from the standard Selected
Toggle between your files and the full standard to maintain context Selected
Instant preview of cross-referenced material within the standard Selected
Export personal notes to Excel Selected
Transfer notes and highlights when standard updates are available Selected
Adobe Reader PDF and browser compatible for iOS and Android Selected
Web, Android, and iOS compatible Selected