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CSA Group Says Gas Asia Summit Critical to Meeting Challenges of Gas Industry

CSA Group is investing in Asia to support global demand for standards-compliant products

As a sponsor to the 3rd Annual Gas Asia Summit in Singapore, CSA Group, a global provider of testing and certification services and a leading standards development organization, congratulates the participants in the Summit on their commitment towards resolving the global and regional challenges facing industry, regulators and governments seeking to harness natural gas as a sustainable, efficient and clean energy source for the world’s growing economies.

In the developing markets of Asia, the need for sustainable clean energy is particularly important. CSA Group is a leading developer of standards for the gas industry and will continue to work with stakeholders to ensure the development of new standards, testing and certification processes that lead towards sustainable and efficient production, distribution and consumption of natural gas products in the years to come.

“The production and distribution of natural gas rests on the industry’s ability to safely extract and distribute it to industrial, commercial and residential consumers, cost-effectively and with minimum wastage and impact to the environment,” said Claudia Chan, Vice President, North and Southeast of Asia, CSA Group. “As Asia takes its position as a leading consumer of natural gas, and a global supplier of natural gas derivative products, CSA Group will continue to strategically invest in Asia to offer innovative, high-quality and efficient comprehensive local service to our clients to assist them penetrating into North American and global markets.”

The gas industry faces many challenges as a result of unprecedented global energy demands. The findings of 2014 Technology Radar survey by Lloyd’s Register Energy reveal that safety improvements, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs are the top three concerns of the industry.1 CSA Group is at the forefront of developing standards and the accompanying testing and certification processes, working closely with industry and regulators to help ensure sustainable production, and distribution of energy resources for the world’s energy needs.

CSA Group has invested in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Taiwan with local experts able to provide gas products support to customers in Asia. CSA Group can test and certify different gas products to the relevant standards and assist clients to meet the needs of different global markets. By being closer to markets, CSA Group is able to give customers in Asia faster and more cost-efficient services.

Due to the potential risk on some industries as ‘flammable atmosphere, gas mining & production, storage & transportation’ and risk to its workers, CSA Group has offered global leadership in hazardous location product testing and certification (HAZLOC). CSA offers local HAZLOC services to customers in Asia through its facilities in China, Taiwan, India and other parts of Asia. CSA Group also offers training on a wide range of topics, including ATEX and IECEx directive requirements and EN/IEC standards governing electrical and mechanical equipment for hazardous locations. These courses are designed to help customers understand the certification requirements for products used in hazardous locations.

CSA Group will continue its commitment to expand in Asia in addition to its current presence in Taiwan, India, South Korea and China mainland.

À propos du Groupe CSA

Le Groupe CSA est une association indépendante sans but lucratif, constituée de membres et dédiée à la sécurité, au bien social et à la durabilité. Nous sommes une organisation accréditée au niveau international spécialisée dans le  développement des normes ainsi que l’évaluation et la certification des produits. Nous fournissons aussi des services de formation et d’éducation ainsi que d’évaluation des produits de consommation. Nous possédons un large spectre de connaissances et de compétences qui comprend les équipements industriels, le secteur de la construction et de la plomberie, les soins de santé et le domaine électromédical, les appareils ménagers et le gaz, les énergies de remplacement,  les systèmes d’éclairage et  les énergies renouvelables. La marque CSA figure sur des milliards de produits partout dans le monde.

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octobre 28, 2014

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