CSA Group and DBI Certification Form Alliance to Offer Global Testing and Certification Services for Marine Equipment

CSA Group, a global provider of testing and certification services and a leading standards development organization, and DBI Certification a Notified Body by the Danish Maritime Authority, have formed an alliance to offer global testing and certification services under the Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC.

The Marine Equipment Directive (MED) was implemented on January 1, 1999. It was developed in compliance with international conventions and to ensure the consistent application of relevant statutory requirements and standards. MED helps improve the safety of shipping and encourages the free movement of equipment within the European Economic Area (EEA).

« CSA Group has a long history in the transportation industry, and we are very pleased to be expanding our services to include marine equipment, » said Magali Depras, COO CSA Group. « DBI Certification has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field and will help CSA Group clients in Europe and around the world achieve the necessary certifications for vessels flagged in the EU. »

The MED applies to a range of marine products including: life saving, marine pollution prevention, fire protection, navigation equipment and radio communication equipment. The Directive is mandatory for ships flying an EEA member state flag. Products that meet the requirements earn the ship wheel mark, which must be displayed along with the Notified Body identification and year the mark was earned.

« DBI Certification is very pleased to enter into a cooperation with a global provider of certification services, and find that CSA GROUP, as a not-for-profit organization with high standards, meets the culture of our company. We are happy to help both existing and new customers with the certification process within the field of MED, and will, indeed, do it with great efforts, commitment and a quality level that will be to the full satisfaction of the customers », said Anders Frost-Jensen, Director of DBI Certification.

With more than 150 large ship yards, Europe is a global leader in the construction of complex vessels including luxury yachts, cruise ships, ferries and dredgers. The alliance with DBI Certification will allow CSA Group to broaden its transportation services to provide clients around the world access to European markets.

À propos du Groupe CSA

Le Groupe CSA est une association indépendante sans but lucratif, constituée de membres et dédiée à la sécurité, au bien social et à la durabilité. Nous sommes une organisation accréditée au niveau international spécialisée dans le  développement des normes ainsi que l’évaluation et la certification des produits. Nous fournissons aussi des services de formation et d’éducation ainsi que d’évaluation des produits de consommation. Nous possédons un large spectre de connaissances et de compétences qui comprend les équipements industriels, le secteur de la construction et de la plomberie, les soins de santé et le domaine électromédical, les appareils ménagers et le gaz, les énergies de remplacement,  les systèmes d’éclairage et  les énergies renouvelables. La marque CSA figure sur des milliards de produits partout dans le monde.

About DBI Certification

DBI Certification is a wholly owned subsidiary of DBI – Denmark’s centre of excellence for fire and security. DBI Certification is a notified body under Construction Products Regulation and Marine Equipment Directive. DBI Certification offers third-party inspection of quality management systems and acts as an inspection agency of quality systems for ABA, AGA, AVA and ABV-T as well as ABV-M. For more information about DBI Certification please visitwww.dbicertification.dk.

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