CSA/CCIC Factory Inspection Renewal Agreement Signing Ceremony

Group Chairman Qi had talks with senior CSA officials and attended factory inspection renewal agreement signing ceremony.

On May 27, Group Chairman Qi had talks with CSA COO Magali and EVP Helene and its group of 5 people. Qi also attended CSA/CCIC factory inspection renewal agreement signing ceremony. Group leadership member and Inspection Company GM Kong also attended the meeting and signing ceremony.

At the meeting, Chairman Qi expressed that CSA has had over 30 years cooperative relations history with CCIC and is CCIC’s very important partner. Under current new situation of Chinese government’s reforming TIC market, Qi hoped CSA could join hands with CCIC to explore new market cooperation opportunities, and play their strengths to their full extent based on the follow up services platform built by CCIC over the years for the government and in the development of the state’s standards.

Magali expressed the two sides’ past cooperation has been very successful. CSA is very pleased with the professional skills and capability of CCIC’s follow up services and operating performance of the JV. China is CSA’s growth strategic focus and its economic scales and TIC industry are growing very fast. CSA wishes to grasp these growth opportunities offered by China’s structural reform and further deepen its cooperation with CCIC.

Relevant dept leaders of the group attended the meeting and the signing ceremony.

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mai 27, 2015