The Importance of Testing and Evaluating Product Packaging

For many online purchases, customers’ initial interaction with a brand and its product is typically through its packaging. Just as components or finished products are evaluated, testing packaging is recommended and sometimes necessary to help confirm safety and performance. Our packaging testing services can assess whether your packaging aligns with the requirements of applicable standards, providing you with increased confidence in your product’s packaging when it reaches your customers.

Packaging Testing Services

The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA)
The ISTA is a global alliance of shippers, carriers, suppliers, testing laboratories, and educational and research institutions focused on the specific concerns of transport packaging.

ISTA tests span from those used early in the design process as a screening tool (1-Series) to tests that simulate the hazards commonly encountered in a specific shipment type (3-Series). It is important to choose the appropriate test for your situation. If you are uncertain about which test is appropriate for you, our team can help you determine the type of ISTA tests that are relevant for your packaging.

We can conduct the following ISTA tests:

  • ISTA-1A
  • ISTA-1B
  • ISTA-1C
  • ISTA-1D
  • ISTA-1E
  • ISTA-1F
  • ISTA-1G
  • ISTA-1H
  • ISTA-2A
  • ISTA-2B
  • ISTA-2C
  • ISTA-3A
  • ISTA-3B
  • ISTA-3E
  • ISTA-3F
  • ISTA-3K
  • ISTA-3L-Small
  • ISTA-3L-A
  • ISTA-3L-B
  • ISTA-3L-C
  • ISTA-3L-D
  • ISTA-3L-E
  • ISTA-3L-F
  • ISTA-3L-G
  • ISTA-3L-H
  • ISTA-6 FedEx A
  • ISTA-6 FedEx B
  • ISTA-7D

Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier (APASS)
Amazon, known for packaging products for shipment in its own boxes, initiated the Frustration-Free Packaging program in 2008. This program aims to provide customers with an easy unboxing experience, contributing to the positive perception of the product’s brand. The Frustration-Free Packaging program encompassing Prep-Free Packaging (PFP), Ships in Own Container (SIOC), and Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) certification, encourages vendors to provide packaging that offers sufficient protection. This helps eliminate the need for an Amazon outer carton, requiring only a label to be applied to the packaging.

In collaboration with the ISTA, Amazon has developed extensive testing methods for items in both rigid and flexible packaging, accurately simulating the journey of a package through the Amazon fulfillment network. Consequently, passing a physical performance test is deemed necessary for manufacturers or vendors selling on Amazon who are looking to obtain applicable packaging certification.

CSA Group offers a range of testing methods that align with Amazon’s ISTA 6 series, including:

  • ISTA-6 Overbox
  • ISTA-6 Type A
  • ISTA-6 Type B
  • ISTA-6 Type C
  • ISTA-6 Type D
  • ISTA-6 Type E
  • ISTA-6 Type F
  • ISTA-6 Type G
  • ISTA-6 Type H

Learn more about our Amazon APASS testing capabilities and services below:

Amazon APASS Tier 4 webpage

Amazon APASS Packaging Testing Service right-arrow

Applicable Standards for Packaging Testing

Standard Description
ISTA 1A Integrity Testing for Packaged-Products weighing 150 lb (68 kg) or Less
ISTA 1B Integrity Testing Packaged-Products weighing Over 150 lb (68 kg)
ISTA 1C Extended Integrity Testing for Individual Packaged-Products weighing 150 lb (68 kg) or Less
ISTA 1D Extended Integrity Testing for Individual Packaged-Products weighing Over 150 lb (68 kg)
ISTA 1E Integrity Testing for Unitized Loads
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ISTA 1G Packaged-Products weighing 150 lb (68 kg) or Less utilizing Random Vibration
ISTA 1H Integrity Testing for Packaged-Products weighing Over 150 lb (68 kg) utilizing Random Vibration
ISTA 2A Packaged-Products weighing 150 lb (68 kg) or Less
ISTA 2B Packaged-Products weighing over 150 lb (68 kg)
ISTA 2C Furniture Packages
ISTA 3A Parcel Delivery System Shipments 150 lb (70kg) or Less
ISTA 3B Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Shipment
ISTA 3E Similar Packaged-Products in Unitized Loads for Truckload Shipment
ISTA 3F Distribution Center to Retail Outlet Shipment 100 lb (45 kg)
ISTA 3K Fast Moving Consumer Goods for the European Retail Supply Chain
ISTA 3L-Small General Simulation Tests
ISTA 3L-A General Simulation Tests
ISTA 3L-B General Simulation Tests
ISTA 3L-C General Simulation Tests
ISTA 3L-D General Simulation Tests
ISTA 3L-E General Simulation Tests
ISTA 3L-F General Simulation Tests
ISTA 3L-G General Simulation Tests
ISTA 3L-H General Simulation Tests
ISTA 6 Overbox Amazon
ISTA 6 Type A Amazon
ISTA 6 Type B Amazon
ISTA 6 Type C Amazon
ISTA 6 Type D Amazon
ISTA 6 Type E Amazon
ISTA 6 Type F Amazon
ISTA 6 Type G Amazon
ISTA 6 Type H Amazon
ISTA 6 FedEx A FedEx
ISTA 6 FedEx B FedEx
ISTA 7D Temperature Test for Transport Packaging
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