Class Number Description
PLUMBING FITTINGS AND ACCESSORIES - Vacuum Breaker - Atmospheric Type (AVB)


Only devices designed for use in potable water supply
systems, including the following:

Vacuum Breakers

  • Atmospheric Type in nominal sizes of 1/2 – 3 in inclusive


CSA B64.1.1 Atmospheric vacuum breakers (AVB)


All marking required by CSA must be permanent,
legible, and visible after installation of the fitting. The contents consist of:

  • submittor’s identification;
  • model number;
  • the
    applicable product standard of the CSA B64 Series (e.g., CSA B64.1.1)
  • maximum rated pressure;
  • maximum rated temperature;
  • direction of normal flow; and
  • CSA Mark.

Markings shall be cast, etched, stamped, or engraved on the backflow preventer
or vacuum breaker or on a durable metal plate securely fastened to the device. A
permanent label complying with CSA C22.2 No. 0.15 shall also be acceptable

Products shall be installed in Accordance with the
Local Code of the Authority Having Jurisdiction.