Class Number Description
CORD SETS - Power Supply Cords


Assemblies consisting of a suitable length of flexible cord incorporating an
attachment plug cap or cord connector assembled on one end of the cord and may
include a through-cord switch, a strain relief method or connection terminals on
the free ends.

This category does not include power supply cord kits nor power supply cords
(replacement type).


CSA C22.2 No 0

General Requirements – Canadian Electrical Code,
Part II

CSA C22.2 No 21

Cord Sets and Power-Supply Cords


  • submittor’s identification on plug caps and
    power supply cord tags;
  • model designation or equivalent on plug caps
    and/or power supply cord tags;
  • conductor type and size on power supply cord
  • CSA Mark on power supply cord tags and moulded
    into detachable plug caps and cord connectors (optional on
    moulded-on plug caps and cord connectors).