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Schluter Systems L.P.
194 Pleasant Ridge Road
New York
United States
HEATERS - Cable and Cable Sets - Certified to US Standards

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Series heating cable set, Cat No DHEHK, mat assembly for floor-embedded in concrete, “G”, “X” (floor embedded) and “W” for wet location in Canada and Installation in unclassified locations in accordance with Article 424 Part V of the National Electrical Code (NEC), ANSI/NFPA 70, in the U.S.A., rated for up to 3.8* W/ft max. (see table below), 1800W max. (at 120V ac), 3120W max. (at 208V ac) and 3600W max (at 240V ac), maximum temperature rating 90°C, 15A/cct max.

Max. Value*

Spacing between heating cable passes

3.8 W/ft

alternate 2.4”-3.6”-2.4”

3.6 W/ft



  1. Installation in accordance with the Canadian Electrical Code Part I or the NEC, as applicable.
  2. Heating Cable Sets have a manufacturer’s minimum installation temperature of 0°C.
  3. The Cat. No. may include suffixes to denote construction options.