Customer Class File Number
Grace Technologies
1515 E. Kimberly Rd
United States

Wiring harness convenience interface assemblies, Series P and Series H, rated 5A max, 250V ac max, consisting of approved components, including connector housings, rated NEMA 4, 4X and 12, surface or panel mount, with NEMA 5-15R or 6-15R outlet, circuit breaker, special-use connectors (PC and PLC interfaces), telephone jack, terminal blocks (mounted on a pcb), insulated tubing and Accepted cable assemblies comprising of special-use connectors attached to approved cables, and also consisting of Accepted extra-low-voltage (30V and less) Class 2 circuit components.


  1. Approved means a CSA Certified or CUL Recognized/Listed component.
  2. Suffixes are added to the above Series designation to denote e.g. housing size, housing NEMA rating, PC/PLC interface type and power options.
  3. These devices are not for interrupting current.
  4. These assemblies are for computer and data processing equipment use only.
  5. These are Certified only for supply to manufacturers for the assembly, as components, of equipment where the suitability of the combination is determined in the end use.