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Launching products as quickly and efficiently as possible without compromising quality is key to your success. Data acceptance programs are convenient solutions that empower you to accomplish this and can help you save time and money. Also known as qualified test facility programs, they allow organizations and manufacturers with in-house laboratories to conduct testing programs in part or in full in their own facilities with an accredited certification body like CSA Group. The programs are valuable to manufacturers across all industries, including manufacturers of residential, commercial, industrial and medical products. Satisfy your customer demands for independent third-party reviews and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace with CSA Group’s Qualified Test Facility Programs (QTFP).

Our QTF programs are designed to strengthen the value we bring to your organization and ensure product compliance and data integrity. During onsite visits, a CSA Group certification staff member can help you streamline your testing processes, improve your products, and ready your organization for upcoming changes to standards requirements. We can also offer you a Technical Information Service (TIS) to help support your product development early in the design phase. We can help your lab qualify for many of our QTF data acceptance programs and help improve the quality and integrity of your test results while supporting seamless speed to market.



This flexible program allows you to reach markets quickly by conducting testing in your own facility with our certification staff coming onsite to witness all tests for the third-party observation. A CSA Group certification specialist will come to your qualified facility based on project demand to witness required tests, helping reduce certification time and costs. Deciding on the most beneficial QTF program for your organization depends on the number of new basic models or alterations to existing models you plan on producing every year. Witnessed Manufacturer’s Testing for Certification is ideal if you only have a few new models per year (generally under 10) that need testing and certification. For example, appliance manufacturers producing a few key basic models can take advantage of witness testing as a more economical alternative to shipping the product directly to CSA Group for testing.


Supervised Manufacturer’s Testing for Certification offers the same time-and cost-savings benefits as WMTC, with limited witness testing by our certification staff. In addition, it allows manufacturers to provide test and constructional evaluation data directly to CSA Group for verification and certification. This construction review can be completed on a prototype at your laboratory, saving both time and cost versus shipping to CSA Group. To gain the maximum benefit, we recommend that you have a minimum of 10 projects in this program each year. For example, a manufacturer of medical equipment may choose our SMTC program because they have significant alterations to their previously certified medical equipment such as an MRI or x-ray machine. In order to validate and confirm ongoing compliance to the SMTC program, a minimum of one mandatory audit is required each year.


Category Program for Certification offers the same time-and cost-savings benefits as SMTC, with no witness testing requirements for model certifications post qualification. In addition, since certification staff are typically involved with your test plan and construction requirements early in the certification process, the time for our verification and certification can be reduced from other Qualified Test Facilities Programs. This program is ideal if you have testing and certification needs for a minimum of 20 major certification projects per year — ones that require review of the entire model, not just cosmetic changes. It allows large companies with many product models and extensive alterations to their models to leverage their own internal expertise and facilities to save time and money on testing. For example, appliance manufacturers specializing in a variety of kitchen appliances can participate in our category program for dishwashers as well as refrigerators and ranges.

The certification projects could be new models, or extensive changes to existing ones such as a new refrigerant that requires the compressor and condenser to be changed as well. Our CPC program is designed to give you more flexibility and control over the scheduling and introduction of your products to market; our increased involvement in the product evaluation and documentation process, may result in reduced times, and added assurance that quality and safety requirements are incorporated into the initial product design, leading to lower overall development resources being used. As our most comprehensive Qualified Test Facility Program, four mandatory audits are required per year. During our quarterly visits to your qualified facility, we will validate compliance, address any outstanding findings from previous visits, and provide value-added services. In order to qualify for our Category Program for Certification, your organization must have participated in our SMTC program for at least three years without any major non-conformances during re-qualification assessments; completed at least five projects under the SMTC program in the specific product category for which you seek CPC with satisfactory results; and have a facility that meets the relevant laboratory requirements for onsite testing data acceptance. Qualifying facilities will receive a CSA Group plaque that can be displayed onsite to demonstrate compliance with the program.


Our visits to your facility are an opportunity to provide additional, value-added services by offering you the support you need through a CSA Group certification staff.


Gain practical information on the latest testing protocols, industry trends, and relevant standards. This service can expand your staff and organization’s knowledge base and help with specific challenges. For example, we can help improve testing and certification turnaround times by creating a better understanding of test procedures and protocols for your test technicians.

Standards Updates

Product standards are constantly evolving across nearly every industry to meet customer demands and enhance public safety. Keeping up with the changes can be an inefficient and time-consuming process when done on your own. Our technical experts are continually learning about the details of standards updates and can share key information to help your organization prepare for new requirements.

Technical Information Service (TIS)

Our Technical Information Service is designed to help you early in the product lifecycle — before you commit to production. Our technical experts can clarify standards and guide you through the certification requirements that apply to your products. Your fully customizable and confidential sessions can be conducted on the phone, at our lab, or on-site at your facility.

Scope Expansion

Serve more markets and increase profit margins by adding more products to your Qualified Test Facility data acceptance program. Our certification staff can provide you with the information on compliance requirements you need to expand the scope of your onsite testing laboratory to qualify for verification and certification of additional products.

ISO/IEC 17025

It’s used by manufacturers, governments, and other organizations who want to use their test lab results for product certification and verification. Promote confidence in your testing both nationally and around the world by complying with the latest requirements for the standard. Starting November 30, 2020, manufacturers participating in a qualified facility program with their own testing labs must comply with the new and improved 2017 edition of ISO/IEC 17025 in order to continue qualifying for Qualified Test Facility data acceptance programs.


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