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Grease Interceptor


Grease interceptor testing and certification:

Before your grease interceptor or grease removal devices can be installed into a restaurant kitchen or other commercial location, they must be listed as an approved device. Whether your product uses a hydromechanical or electric method to trap and remove grease from water, our testing and certification services help you achieve certification in the US and Canada, according to its grease removal efficiency.

  • ASME A112.14.3, ASME A112.14.4
  • CSA B481
  • PDI G-101 (Plumbing and Drain Institute Guide 101), either in isolation or in combination with other standards.
See table below for details:
Standard Standard Description
ASME A112.3.1 Stainless steel drainage systems for sanitary DWV, storm, and vacuum applications, above and below ground
ASME A112.14.3 Grease interceptors
ASME A112.14.4 Grease removal devices
CSA B481 Grease interceptors
NSF ORD 14259 Grease interceptors with related flow less than 26 L/min
PDI G101 Testing and rating procedure for hydro mechanical grease interceptors with appendix of installation and maintenance – plumbing and drainage institute

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