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Component Acceptance Approach

Build Supply Chain Resilience During & Post the COVID-19 Pandemic

Component Acceptance Approach

CSA Group is ready to help your business adapt and maintain product compliance by offering solutions that help you get to market faster

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented some unforeseen challenges for the global manufacturing supply chain, ultimately leading to supply chain disruptions. The emerging challenges call for manufacturers to build in flexibility and additional capabilities in their supply chains to drive transformation for today’s crisis and prepare for a sustainable future.

For many manufacturers, three key challenges in the supply chain standout:

  •        A shortage of components from regular suppliers
  •        Uncertainty regarding the certification status of a sourced component
  •        High switching costs of transferring certification files from one provider to another

Therefore, to meet their delivery time to market, manufacturers must consider alternative sources of components and certification organizations that are flexible in accepting components certified by other organizations.

CSA Group is ready to help your business adapt and maintain product compliance by offering solutions that help you get to market faster:

  •      Our approach to component acceptance:

The program helps to address the issue of component shortages by accepting components certified by other certification bodies the same way as it treats components it has certified itself. 

  •        File Conversion Program:  

This program is designed with a simple process to convert your files to CSA Group. It takes into account your current test data and aims to accept this without further testing, making the switch easy.

Top reasons to put your confidence in CSA Group and transfer your certification program:

  • Gain a competitive edge: By having the option to source your components from multiple vendors and certifying your product with CSA Group, you get a competitive edge by getting your products to market timely while maintaining product compliance.
  • Trusted expertise: CSA group has more than a century leadership of testing and certification in compliance with local, national, and international standards and requirements that help you maintain production schedules without compromising quality and safety.
  • Rely on a fast and flexible solution: With the flexibility of our approach to component acceptance and seamless process of the File Conversion Program, we can help you respond to the disruptions in your supply chain and assist you with getting your product to market on time.

Component Acceptance Approach Fact Sheet
Component Acceptance Approach FAQ
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