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Prepare your hearth and patio equipment for market with rigorous testing and certification from a leader in the field

Did you know?

  • Close to one-third of Americans (29 percent) will use their grill or smoker this year. Gas is by far the most popular grill type (64 percent).
  • Fully 10 percent of consumers with outdoor kitchens are adding heaters and fireplaces. This trend is a clear market opportunity for manufacturers of safe and reliable products.

When designing and manufacturing outdoor hearth and patio products, safety and reliability are key. Yet gas grills alone cause an average of 7,900 home fires in the U.S. every year. More than a third of those fires result from product flaws like leaks or breaks.

Customers expect their gas grills, barbecue appliances, fireplaces, patio heaters, and wood stoves to run safely and efficiently. They demand assurance that their buying decisions won’t put their home and family at risk.
CSA Group provides that peace of mind by rigorously testing and certifying a wide range of hearth and patio products. Customers associate our mark with quality and reliability and often base their brand selection on seeing it on your products.

Key reasons to trust CSA Group for your hearth and patio product testing and certification:

  1. High consumer confidence: The CSA Star and CSA Blue Flame Marks are North America’s most widely recognized and accepted certification marks for gas-fired grills and outdoor cooking appliances
  2. A commitment to safety: CSA group is globally recognized for our commitment to product safety and security; our comprehensive functional safety evaluation and certification process helps to identify hazards and mitigate risk
  3. Efficiency and responsiveness: CSA Group efficiently and effectively tests against nationally recognized standards like CSA, UL, and EPA, addressing any issues and concerns you may have promptly and professionally
  4. Rapid, thorough testing and certification: CSA group will thoroughly test the safety, performance, energy efficiency, and emissions of your hearth and patio products and help you get to market efficiently.
  5. Compliance with the EPA New Source Performance Standards (NSPS): Our compliance experts know how to help you meet Step 1 of the EPA’s complex NSPS emission regulations – and to prepare for Step 2 in 2020

Products Certified

We provide standards, testing, and certification for a wide array of hearth and patio products. We work with industry-leading manufacturers and key associations, including the HPBA (Hearth Patio, and Barbecue Association).

Outdoor hearth and patio products present consumers with both relaxation and risk. CSA Group inspects, tests, and certifies these products to help assure their safety – and to reassure consumers that buying a tested and certified hearth and patio product is the right choice.

Gas Grills and Barbecues

Get your gas grills and barbecues tested for the reliability that consumers around the world demand. The CSA Star and CSA Blue Flame Marks are North America’s most widely recognized and accepted certification marks for gas-fired grills and outdoor cooking appliances.

Fireplaces and Inserts

Make sure your fireplaces and fireplace inserts are tested and certified by the knowledgeable staff of CSA Group so that you can meet the standards for both local and global markets.

Patio Heaters

The CSA Blue Star and Blue Flame marks for gas-fired appliances and accessories mean that your patio heaters have been tested and certified for safe and reliable operation.

Wood Stoves

You can trust CSA to test and certify* your wood pellet stoves to meet safety, energy, and environmental standards. *Only products which comply with applicable standards will be certified

Shop Standards

Get the right standards for your hearth and patio products to help you prepare for local and worldwide market access

CSA Group has extensive experience developing standards for a wide range of hearth and patio products for local markets and worldwide. Many of those standards are harmonized with other standards development organizations to encourage wider adoption. The key standards we test against include CSA, UL, and EPA.


Get the right standards for your hearth and patio products to help you prepare for local and worldwide market access



Transform your innovations into quality products that meet critical requirements with our expert testing services.



Launch new products, and boost customer confidence in North America and beyond with our global certification solutions.

Marks & Labels

Marks & Labels

Get the marks you need to access and enter your target markets in North America with confidence.

Field Evaluation

Field Evaluation

Demonstrate your commitment to product safety even when certification is not a viable option with a one-time quick and efficient field evaluation.

Value-Added Services

Value-Added Services

Save time and gain efficiencies with access to our customer portal, online product listings, and more.

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