Safely transporting energy products over long distances via pipelines is a key component in the success of Canada’s oil and natural gas industry. First published in 1994 and updated every four years, the latest edition of CSA Z662:19 – Oil and gas pipeline systems represents the culmination over 40 years of pipeline standards development.

The new CSA Z662:19 contains important updates that,

  • help reduce risk
  • provide safer environments for workers
  • improve efficiencies

It is a critical piece to help achieve safety and integrity of the pipeline throughout its lifecycle. CSA Z662:19 is adopted into legislation upon its publication, thus making it crucial for all industry professionals to understand and apply this national standard.

On July 8th 2019, Canada Energy Regulator (CER), formerly National Energy Board, put out an information advisory (NEB IA 2019-002) to all companies under NEB jurisdiction, CEPA, CAPP, and provincial/ territorial regulators, informing about the release of the Z662:19.

CER’s expectation is that companies will review the latest version of CSA Z662:19 and take the steps necessary to ensure compliance with its provisions as soon as possible; as there are significant changes and additions to the standard.

To view NEB 2019-002 in full, please visit

CSA Z662:19 Standard

The new edition – CSA Z662:19 Oil & gas pipeline systems standard

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