Date : February 25-26, 2020 

Location:  Whitehorse – Westmark Whitehorse Hotel & Conference Centre

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Course Modules

REQUIRED – pre-requisite – NISI Foundations – **SOLD OUT**

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Overview of Northern Infrastructure, Weather, Climate, Climate Change, Introduction to NISI Standards

OPTIONAL – NISI S500, Thermosyphon Foundations for Buildings in Permafrost Regions

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Learning Objectives:

  • Describe what a thermosyphon is, why they are used, what they look like, and why they fail;
  • Understand the importance of planning construction/installation for seasonal considerations and incorporating into the project management/planning phase
  • Understand how climate change affects thermosyphon foundation design and maintenance;
  • Determine when to use other standards that are referenced in CAN/CSA S500
  • Develop the skills necessary to design thermosyphon foundations so they can be appropriately maintained;

OPTIONAL – NISI S501, Moderating the Effects of Permafrost Degradation on Existing Building Foundations

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Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how climate change affects infrastructure built on permafrost and the effects of unstable permafrost
  • Explain the limitations of different approaches to maintaining permafrost based on site conditions and intended service life of structures
  • Describe what permafrost is and learn the how and when to apply the measures to maintaining it
  • Determine when to use other standards that are referenced in CAN/CSA C501

OPTIONAL – NISI S502, Managing Changing Snow Load Risks for Buildings in Canada’s North

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Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how changing snow loads affect Northern infrastructure, discover potential issues and what building elements to inspect
  • Learn the best practices to summarize changing snow characteristics such as weight, density, depth, and snow water equivalent
  • Receive guidance on building labeling, monitoring and procedures such as evacuation
  • Determine when to use other standards that are referenced in CAN/CSA S502
  • Learn how to better identify buildings that are potentially at-risk

OPTIONAL – NISI S503, Community Drainage System Planning, Design, and Maintenance in Northern Communities

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Learning Objectives:

  • Define the challenges of designing drainage systems for northern communities based on unique environmental and climate conditions
  • Explain the importance of planning construction/ installation for seasonal considerations to incorporate into the project management/ planning phase
  • Describe how climate change affects community drainage design and maintenance
  • Determine when to use other standards that are referenced in CAN/CSA S503
  • Understand how changing rain and snow intensity, duration and change affect community drainage design and maintenance
  • Explain the limitations of community drainage (culverts, drains, bridges, run off) based on site conditions and level of risk to design to
  • Gain insight on how to design community drainage based on future climate projections
  • Identify challenges/barriers and how to address them
  • Define impact of climate change models showing increase in storms to design/construction of infrastructure in the north
  • Gain an understanding of the required materials, spare parts, and seasonal access/labor for required for installing community drainage systems

Hotel Information

Westmark Whitehorse Hotel and Conference Centre

201 Wood Street,

Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 2E4


Hotel Cost Reimbursement

Hotel costs* will be reimbursed for training participants travelling from outside of the Whitehorse area. Hotel room charges will be paid upfront by training attendees and will he reimbursed by CSA Group post training. An expense reimbursement form will need to he filled out and emailed to [email protected].


*Hotel cost reimbursement limited to the Standard 1 King Bed Room or 2 Queen Room rates.

Climate Change Adaptation Guides from Ecology North

With permission from Ecology North, we’re pleased to make available these free climate change adaptation guides created based on CSA Group’s NISI standards. The northern adaptation guides are easy to read and are beautifully illustrated by Alison McCreesh.

These adaptation guides are for communities and individuals across the north and are available in English, French, and Inuktitut (South Baffin dialect).

Preventing Permafrost Degradation (EN)

Managing Changing Snow Loads (EN)

Improving Community Drainage (EN)

Understanding Thermosyphon Foundation Systems (EN)

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