Standards Development

Why CSA?

For a century, CSA Group has relentlessly led the drive for a better, safer, more sustainable world. Today, CSA achieves this vision through standards development, supported by technical research and training.

CSA Group harnesses the knowledge, experience and expertise of volunteer members from all walks of life. We help create real solutions – full-scale standards documents or other deliverables, such as guidelines or workshop agreements.

The CSA standards development process combines technical rigor with a transparent, consensus-based approach that:

  • Integrates feedback from a range of voices, so everyone has an opportunity to be heard
  • Draws on the expertise of over 1,600 in-house technical experts and more than 9,000 volunteer subject-matter experts from across the globe

Areas of Focus

We develop standards in a broad range of interconnected sectors

Construction & Infrastructure

From CSA Group’s first standard on railway bridges in 1920 to our current portfolio of over 250, CSA Group has been a leader in the development of construction and infrastructure standards


For nearly 100 years, CSA Group has helped to develop and maintain a comprehensive portfolio of more than 700 electrical standards.

Environment & Natural Resources

We’re dedicated to developing consensus-based standards in a broad range of environmental and natural resources related areas.

Fuels & Transportation

We offer a wide-ranging portfolio of North American fuel standards, including guidance on alternative energy vehicles for the U.S. and Canada.

Health Care and Well-being

We work with key stakeholders to develop standards for improved safety, consistency, and quality of healthcare and well-being.

Management Systems

CSA Group develops and maintains business excellence standards and guidelines that can help your organization implement quality, environment, workplace health and safety and risk management systems.

Mechanical & Industrial Equipment

We develop and maintain codes and standards that ensure the safe design and operation of mechanical and industrial equipment used by the public.


We develop and maintain key standards and guidelines that promote the safe and reliable operation of nuclear energy in Canada.

Occupational Health & Safety

CSA Group is a recognized leader in advancing worker safety and well-being in a variety of areas from personal protective equipment, to occupational health and safety management, to psychological health and safety in the workplace.

Petroleum & Natural Gas

We offer a wide-ranging portfolio of Petroleum & Natural Gas standards, including standards that address safety and environment in the design and operation of the pipeline, upstream and offshore industry.

Public Safety

CSA Group standards help to protect the public and improve community safety by supporting public safety personnel, improving the tranportation of dangerous goods, and enhancing community resilience to disasters and emergency events.

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