Why CSA?

CSA Group is committed to advancing safe and reliable transit systems that underpin sustainable communities and a net-zero future

Safe and reliable transit and passenger rail systems are vital to the well-being of Canadian communities and the growth of our economy. A well-functioning transit network facilitates convenient access to employment and services, expanding the customer base for local businesses and connecting them with suppliers. Moreover, these systems promote social inclusion and enhance mobility options for vulnerable groups, including older individuals and persons with disabilities.

Thoughtfully designed transit systems can positively influence the development of our cities and towns. They encourage sustainable and efficient land use, foster increased urban density, and enhance housing affordability. Simultaneously, they help alleviate congestion issues while promoting energy-efficient and zero-emission transportation alternatives, contributing to a more sustainable and thriving future.

With extensive experience in developing world-class standards and codes in areas such as system and worker safety, alternative energy technologies, construction and infrastructure, and environmental sustainability, CSA Group helps strengthen the design, construction, and operation of safe, secure, and efficient transit and passenger systems in Canada.

CSA Group's research and standards help establish common definitions of terms, processes, and outcomes, fostering consistency and transparency across the sector. CSA standards also specify minimum requirements, guidance, and best practices that support safety and performance. This guidance helps governments, regulators, transit system operators, manufacturers, and contractors improve efficiency, worker and passenger safety, security, accessibility, and environmental sustainability. Through collaboration and consensus-building that bring together various perspectives and expertise, CSA Group's standards development process is highly effective in meeting the needs of interested and affected parties while responding to the wider priorities of Canadian society.

By leveraging CSA standards solutions, transit systems can achieve operational excellence, enhance worker and passenger safety and security, implement innovative technologies, and meet their strategic objectives, all while serving the needs of their communities and aligning with the industry best practices.

CSA Group’s standards development activities span the transit sector, addressing:

  • safety management for railway systems
  • railway electrification
  • use of hydrogen, natural gas, and battery electric transit and passenger rail vehicles, their storage, and maintenance
  • accessibility of transit, over-the-road buses, and motor vehicles for the transportation of persons with disabilities
  • design and construction of transit and passenger rail projects
  • climate change adaptation and resilience of transit and passenger rail systems
  • consistency, interoperability, and accessibility of wayfinding and signage systems used in transit and passenger rail systems across Canada
  • cybersecurity, data use and management in transit systems
  • emerging and non-traditional modes of transit and integration of transit and passenger rail systems with active transportation

CSA Group has established a Strategic Steering Committee on Transit and Passenger Rail, comprised of representatives of various interest groups involved in transit planning, design, construction, and operations. This Steering Committee helps guide standards initiatives and standards development in this sector.

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Standards help develop safe and reliable transit systems for sustainable communities and a net-zero future

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CSA Group’s standards help advance the safety and reliability of transit and passenger rail systems in Canada to serve the needs of communities and support zero-emissions future.

CSA B401.1:21
Natural gas vehicle (NGV) maintenance facilities code
CSA/ASC B651:23
Accessible design for the built environment
CSA R114:22
Canadian method for risk evaluation and assessment for railway systems

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