of Canada’s electricity

generated by nuclear power plants[1]


growth in electricity demand

expected in Canada between 2021-2025[2]

$5.3 billion

potential value for SMRs

in Canada between 2025-2040[3]


CSA Group standards, research, policy briefs, and other resources

Leverage the resources CSA Group and its volunteer members developed to provide you with information, guidance, best practices, and requirements to help facilitate the safe and reliable deployment of SMRs.


Standards help facilitate safe and reliable deployment of small modular reactors


Canada’s Small Modular Reactor Action Plan – CSA Group

Research report

Canada's North - Exploring the Environmental, Societal & Economic Challenges Facing Canada’s Northern Communities

CSA N286-12 (R2017)

Management system requirements for nuclear facilities

CSA N290.7:21

Cyber security for nuclear facilities

CSA N290.19:19

Risk-informed decision making for nuclear power plants

CSA N293S1:21

Supplement No.1 to CSA N293-12, Fire Protection for Nuclear Power Plants

CSA N294:19

Decommissioning of facilities containing nuclear substances

CSA N299.1:19

Quality assurance program requirements for the supply of items and services for nuclear power plants, Category 1

CSA N1600:21

General requirements for nuclear emergency management programs

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