Canadian workers

were hurt in 2020 due to falls[1]

#2 cause

of serious work-related injuries

in Canada are falls from heights, down inclines, and into shafts and holes[1]


of lost-time injury claims

in Canada between 2020- 2021 were due to falls[1]


CSA Group Standards, Research, Policy briefs, and other resources

Leverage the resources CSA Group and its volunteer members developed to provide you with information, guidance, leading practices, and requirements that can help you assess and reduce fall hazards and create a safer work environment.


New standards can help improve fall protection in the workplace

Research Report

Study of Common Types of Mechanisms for Portable Ladder Incidents

CSA Z11-18

Portable ladders

CSA Z1009:22

Management of work at heights

CSA Z91-17

Health and safety code for suspended equipment operations

CSA Z259.1-05 (R2020)

Body belts and saddles for work positioning and travel restraint

CSA Z259.2.2-17 (R2022)

Self-retracting devices

CAN/CSA-Z259.2.3:16 (R2020)

Descent devices

CSA Z259.2.4:15 (R2020)

Fall arresters and vertical rigid rails

CSA Z259.2.5-17 (R2021)

Fall arresters and vertical lifelines

CSA Z259.10-18

Full body harnesses

CSA Z259.11-17 (R2021)

Personal energy absorbers and lanyards

CSA Z259.13-16 (R2020)

Manufactured horizontal lifeline systems

CSA Z259.14:12 (R2021)

Fall restrict equipment for wood pole climbing

CSA Z259.15:22

Anchorage connectors

CSA Z259.16:21

Design of active fall-protection systems

CSA Z259.17:21

Selection and use of active fall-protection equipment and systems

CSA Z259.18:19

Counterweighted guardrail systems

CSA Z259.19:22

Managed fall protection training

CSA Z271:20

Design of suspended access equipment


Code of practice for access scaffold

CSA Z94.1-15 (R2020)

Industrial protective headwear – Performance, selection, care, and use

CSA B354.6:17 (R2022)

Mobile elevating work platforms — Design, calculations, safety requirements, and test methods

CSA B354.7:17 (R2022)

Mobile elevating work platforms — Safety principles, inspection, maintenance and operation

CSA B354.8:17 (R2022)

Mobile elevating work platforms — Operator (driver) training

CSA B354.9-17

Design, calculations, safety requirements, and test methods for mast climbing work platforms (MCWPs)

CSA B354.12-17

Design, calculations, safety requirements, and test methods for mast climbing transport platforms (MCTPs)

CSA B354.13-17

Safe use and best practices for mast climbing transport platforms (MCTPs)

CSA B354.14-17

Training for mast climbing transport platforms (MCTPs)

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[1]National Work Injury, Disease and Fatality Statistics 2018-2020, Association of Workers’Compensation Boards of Canada