Many tasks people perform at work require their full alertness, attention, and accuracy. Impairment in the workplace, whether caused by fatigue, stress, medical conditions, substance use, or other factors, can put impaired workers and others at risk.

CSA Group facilitated the development of a standard and other tools that can help organizations of all types and sizes manage impairment in the workplace:

Standards & Trainings

Other Resources

Standards and Training


CSA Z1008:21, Management of impairment in the workplace

The Standard describes requirements for a system-wide control of the health and safety risks related to impairment while recognizing the impacts of impairment on individual workers.

CSA Z1008.1:21, Implementation guidelines for CSA Z1008:21, Management of impairment in the workplace, with focus on impairment due to substance use

The Guideline complements the CSA Z1008:21 standard and provides organizations with advice and examples of how to apply the Standard’s clauses in the specific context of substance use.

CSA Z1008:21, Management of impairment in the workplace – Online training

The no-fee online course helps learners navigate the requirements of the Standards and implement them in their organization.

Navigating substance use disorder and workplace impairment using a disability management system – Online training

This no-fee online course introduces important considerations for handling substance use disorders when it impacts your organization, as set out in CSA Z1011:20, Work disability management system and CSA Z1008:21, Management of impairment in the workplace.

Other Resources


Support tools

A collection of other core resources to help users further deepen their knowledge of the CSA Z1008:21 Standard and support application of its principles, including
  • Infographic showing spectrum of substance use affecting the workplace with examples
  • Sample impairment policy
  • Short slide deck summarizing hazard and risk
  • Sample progressive discipline policy
  • Substance testing flowchart
  • Duty to enquire infographic

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CSA Z1011:20, Work disability management system

CSA Z1008:21 was developed with support from the Canadian Association of Administrators of Labour Law – Occupational Safety and Health (CAALL-OSH), including Provincial and Territorial Governments, as well as the Government of Canada.