400 million

connected cars

projected to be in operation by 2025[1]


readiness is critical

for the deployment of connected and automated cars[2]

25% reduction

of greenhouse gas emissions

by implementing eco-driving control strategies for connected and automated vehicles[3]


CSA Group standards, research, policy briefs, and other resources

Leverage the resources developed by CSA Group and its technical committee members that provide information, guidance, best practices, and requirements to help support the safe, secure, and seamless integration of CAV technologies across North America.


Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Infrastructure Guidelines for North America

Research report

Accessibility and Connected and Automated Vehicles: Challenges and Considerations

Research report

Physical and Digital Infrastructure for Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV)


Standards help support integration of connected and automated vehicles


Connected and Automated Vehicles Codes and Standards Roadmap


Connected and Automated Vehicle Technologies – Insights for Codes and Standards in Canada

CSA EXP150.1:23

Guidelines for Connected and Automated Vehicles: Digital Infrastructure

CSA EXP150.2:23

Guidelines for Connected and Automated Vehicles: Physical Infrastructure

CSA EXP150.3:23

Guidelines for Connected and Automated Vehicles: Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Data Management

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[1]Connected cars worldwide – statistics & facts, Statista, 2021
[2]Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and Infrastructures: A Literature Review, Rana, M., Hossain, K., International Journal of Pavement Research and Technology, 2021
[3]Learning Eco-Driving Strategies at Signalized Intersections, Jayawardana V., Wu C., European Control Conference 2022