Up to 130% increase

in electricity demand

expected in Canada by 2050[1]expected in Canada by 2050[1]

23,000 km

of new high-voltage transmission lines

may be needed to meet Canada’s net zero targets by 2050[2]

100% of Canadians

are expected to have access

to high-speed internet by 2030[3]


CSA Group standards, research, policy briefs, and other resources

Leverage the resources developed by CSA Group and its technical committees to provide information, guidance, best practices, and requirements to help improve the safety, reliability and security of Canada’s electrical and communication infrastructure.

Research Report

Standards to Enable Automated Demand Response in Canada


Development of Climate Change Adaptation Solutions Within the Framework of the CSA Group Canadian Electrical Code Parts I, II and III

Case study

Helping Create a Resilient Electricity Grid for the Future

Research report

Electric Vehicle Energy Management Systems

Research report

Canada's North - Exploring the Environmental, Societal & Economic Challenges Facing Canada’s Northern Communities


CEC Part III Essentials Course, 2020 Edition
Guidelines for Overhead and Underground Systems

CSA C22.3 NO. 1:20

Overhead systems

CAN/CSA-C22.3 NO. 3-98 (R2022)

Electrical coordination

C22.3 NO. 4-1974 (R2020)

Control of Electrochemical Corrosion of Underground Metallic Structures

CSA C22.3 NO. 5.1:93 (R2022)

Recommended practices for electrical protection - Electric contact between overhead supply and communication lines

CSA C22.3 NO. 6:13 (R2022)

Principles and practices of electrical coordination between pipelines and electric supply lines

CSA C22.3 NO. 7:20

Underground systems

CSA C22.3 NO. 9:20

Interconnection of distributed energy resources and electricity supply systems

CSA C22.3 NO. 11:22

Maintenance of electric and communication utility equipment and systems

CSA C22.3 NO. 60826:19

Overhead transmission lines - Design criteria

CSA C22.3 NO. 61936-1:18

Power installations exceeding 1 kV a.c. - Part 1: Common rules

CSA/ANSI T200:22

Evaluation of software development and cybersecurity programs

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[1] The Big Switch, Canadian Climate Institute, 2022
[2] Electrification and Investment in Electricity Infrastructure, Energy Policy and Management Centre, Western University, 2022
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