3rd largest source

of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

in Canada is the built environment[1]


of building GHG emissions

come from space and water heating systems[2]

$600+ million

committed in 2022 Federal Budget

to develop Canada Green Buildings Strategy and support Canada Greener Homes initiative[3]


CSA Group standards, research, policy briefs, and other resources

Leverage the resources CSA Group and its volunteer members developed to provide you with information, guidance, best practices, and requirements to help improve energy performance of residential and non-residential buildings and support climate change mitigation efforts.

Research Report

Intelligent Buildings: Layout and Relevant Standards

Research Report

Commercial Building Energy Data Reporting Best Practices and Requirements


Helping improve energy efficiency of buildings and reduce their environmental impacts

Research report

Quality Assurance and Quality Control of Building Energy Modelling for Program Administrators

Research report

Energy Management of Building Power Distribution Systems

CSA SPE-07:23

Load-based and climate-specific testing and rating procedures for heat pumps and air conditioners

CSA C510:21

Ideal state benchmarking and application of benchmark energy factor for data centres

CSA/ANSI Z5020:23

Building energy modeling

CSA C873 SERIES:15 (R2020)

Building energy estimation methodology

CSA Z5000-18

Building commissioning for energy using systems

CSA Z5001:20

Existing building commissioning for energy using systems

CSA Z5010:21

Thermal bridging calculation methodology

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