One third

of total solid waste

in Canada is generated by the construction sector[1]

3rd rank

among the GHG emitters

in Canada belongs to the construction sector[2]


reduction of GHG emissions

can be achieved by applying disassembly principles and avoided production[3]


CSA Group standards, research, policy briefs, and other resources

Leverage the resources developed by CSA Group and its technical committee members to provide you with information, guidance, best practices, and requirements to help the transition of Canada’s construction sector to more sustainable circular practices.

Research report

The Circular Built Environment in Canada: A Review of the Current State, Gaps and Opportunities

Research report

Exploring Circular Strategies to Extend the Life of Existing Buildings

Research report

Opportunities to Apply Circular Strategies to Existing Office Buildings


CSA Group Standards for Canadian Built Environment

Public policy report

Rounding the Corner: Towards a Circular Economy in Canada

Industry perspective

Links between the UN SDGs and CSA S478:19, Durability in Buildings

CSA Z783:12 (R2021)

Deconstruction of buildings and their related parts

CSA S478:19

Durability in buildings

CSA Z782-06

Guideline for design for disassembly and adaptability in buildings

CSA S448.1:10 (R2020)

Repair of reinforced concrete in buildings and parking structures

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