Certification marks offer peace of mind to retailers, regulators, consumers and end users around the world by indicating that your products have been independently tested and have met the required standards for safety & performance.

Navigating requirements around the world

Depending on which countries you are doing business in, safety & performance requirements may vary greatly. Through CSA Group’s Global Market Access service offering, we will work with you to help navigate the international requirements so that you can obtain the certification marks for products including:

  • Electrical and electronic products
  • Gas-fired products
  • Plumbing products
  • Personal protective equipment
  • and a wide variety of other products

In order for you to sell products that fall in these categories to the North American market they must be tested by an accredited third party testing agency, such as the CSA Group, to applicable industry standard(s). If you also sell your products to international markets, our experienced technical experts will work with you to understand the requirements and help obtain the required certification marks.