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Model #
February 25, 2016 06-16 Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co KG Viessmann Manufacturing Company Inc. recalls Viessmann Vitodens 200-W boiler models B2HB-45 and B2HB-57 Gas Fired Boilers B2HB-45, B2HB-57
February 10, 2016 05-16 Dräger Medical Inc. Dräger Medical Inc. Recalls Emergency Transport Ventilators Due to a System Error that may lead to a Halt in Ventilation Therapy Medical Ventilator Oxylog 2000 plus, Oxylog 3000, and Oxylog 3000 Plus
February 4, 2016 04-16 Nexgrill Industries Inc Nexgrill Industries Inc recalls Nexgrill Barbecue Grill Propane BBQ 720-0830D
February 4, 2016 03-16 Jiayi Shoes & Plastic Co. Ltd CSA Group Alerts Consumers and Retailers the OxGear Safety Boots Do Not Meet Canadian Standards Safety Footwear 66000
February 1, 2016 02-16 Haiyan Renhe Electronics Co. Ltd CSA Group Alerts Consumers and Manufacturers of Decorative Lighting products that Equipment Wiring Manufactured by Haiyan Renhe Electronics Co Ltd. Does Not Meet Canadian Standards Equipment Wiring
January 15, 2016 01-16 Zhejiang Kaifu Lamp Co., Ltd. Home Depot of Canada Inc. Recalls Home Accents Holiday 3-Pack Candy Cane Light Stakes Set Seasonal Lights (Outdoor) XHD89939
December 22, 2015 42-15 Zhejiang Kaifu Lamp Co.,Ltd. Expanded Recall: Dollarama recalls Christmas 20 LED Light Sets Seasonal Lights (Indoor) KFI-20A., KFI-20H
December 21, 2015 43-15 Zhejiang Kaifu Lamp Co., Ltd. Canadian Tire Corporation, Ltd. recalls various “Holiday Collection” Seasonal Lights Season Lights (Indoor/Outdoor) Various
December 21, 2015 41-15 Masco Enterprise Co. Ltd. Recall Re-Announcement: Bauer Hockey Corp. recalls Goal Masks and Cages Goal Mask & Cages C1, NME 10, RP NME Ti
December 18, 2015 40-15 Taizhou Hongpeng Colour Lanterns Co., Ltd. & Ningbo Ego International Co. Ltd. Expanded Recall: All seasonal lights made by Taizhou Hongpeng Colour Lanterns Co., Ltd. or Ningbo EGO International Co. Ltd. recalled by various Canadian importers Seasonal Lights (Indoor & Outdoor) Various