Post Date PAR # Manufacturer Post name

Product Type

Model #
August 26, 2016 16-16 CSA Group Warns of Packaging and Accompanying Instructions for Propane Gas Burners Displaying Unauthorized CSA Group Certification Marks Propane Gas Burners SGB-4040A, CE-CN-0060
August 9, 2016 15-16 Sumec Machinery & Electric Co. Ltd. Kohler Power Systems Recalls Portable Generators Portable Generators PRO3.7(ALL), PRO3.7E(ALL), PRO5.2(ALL), PRO5.2E(ALL), GEN5.0(Spec Number PA-GEN50-3003 only)
July 22, 2016 14-16 CSA Group Issues Safety Notification for Direct Users of CSA Z662-15
July 20, 2016 12-16 Northern Cables Inc. Northern Cables Inc. Recalls Two Conductor #12 AWG AC90 Cable Cable #12 AWG AC90
July 14, 2016 13-16 Flushmate, a division of Sloan Valve Company Expanded Recall: Flushmate recalls Flushmate® III Pressure-Assisted Flushing System Plumbing Product Series 503 Flushmate III
June 1, 2016 11-16 Shanghai Haifeng Electric Lighting Co. CSA Group Alerts Consumers of type HR16 Halogen Lightbulbs Sold Under the Litetronics Brand Do Not Meet Canadian Standards Halogen Bulbs L-3750
May 24, 2016 10-16 Water Heating Technologies “American Standard” Water Heating Technologies Recalls Gas Water Heaters Due to Fire Hazard Water Heater (Gas) GN & GSN (30 , 40, 50 capacities)
May 10, 2016 09-16 CSA Group Warns of Commercial and Home LED Dimmers Bearing Unauthorized CSA Certification Mark various model markings
April 26, 2016 08-16 CSA Group UK Warns of Fraudulent Sira Certificate
April 18, 2016 07-16 CSA Group Warns of Translation Scam